Thursday, July 21, 2011

Characters out of control?

My characters are misbehaving, again.
I know you know what I'm talking about. They're doing things that I hadn't planned for them to do — and they're not doing things that I wanted them to do. So frustrating!
Or is it?
If the hero and heroine are taking charge and writing their own story, then that's exactly what we/writers want. Isn't it?
At times, I'm not sure. My husband says it's because I'm a control freak. Don't worry, I didn't punch him in the face since he said it in his sweetest I'm taking you out to dinner on Friday night, you sexy mama, voice. ; )
However, I'm learning that letting my characters take the lead means my writing is coming along more quickly, even if I do have to revisit my WIP charts and synopsis and make a little tweak here and there.
So, what do you do when your characters refuse to stick to the so-called script?


  1. I usually try to wrestle them back under control, then realize it's not working and try to figure out how to make it all work for the line I'm trying to write for. Sometimes I'm successful, other times not so much.

  2. Hi Tina,
    I really feel as though I’m getting somewhere when a character really comes to life like this though – and it makes the whole process all the more enjoyable! I think it’s good to let them have a little free rein because it illustrates how well you’re getting to know them. I know some writers say that they have to know every little thing about a character before they commit them to paper, but that certainly hasn’t been the case with me.
    Some problematic sections of my MS were certainly resolved by my taking a step back, as it were, and inviting my characters lead the way – ie, letting their feelings control the action/dialogue.
    Please come and check out my blog when you get a chance – would love some input from you!
    Nadia x