Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy 'Birthday' to Me

I guess you could say September marked my first romance-writing "birthday."
A year ago, I began writing my first contemporary romance manuscript. Like an infant, I slid into the romance-writing world with no real experience, just pure instinct and an inherent desire to sleep, eat and breathe romance. I mean, I've been reading romances since before I was supposed to be reading them.
I know you know what I'm talking about here. 
How many of you pilfered your mother's, aunt's, grandmother's, insert a relation's name here, romances from that stack of novels "hidden" from chubby fingers and eager eyes? As an impressionable twelve year old, I was supposed to be reading Francine Pascal's "Sweet Valley" series NOT Janet Dailey's "Night of the Cotillion," which, by the way, remains one of my favorite novels to this very day.
While I'm far from an "adult" when it comes to writing romance, I'm definitely growing, getting stronger and learning more day after day. Baby steps, Tina.
B-a-b-y S-t-e-p-s.
Let's recap the past year. I completed my first contemporary series romance manuscript, started a second manuscript, completed a novella, entered three contests (am a finalist in two of them,) and attended my first writers conference.
What's important to note here is that these aren't milestones I've accomplished all on my own. Without the support, guidance and expertise of some very strong and intelligent women I've met through writing forums and the recent writing conference, I have a feeling that, to put it bluntly, I'd still be sitting in my own poo, screaming at the top of my lungs.
I hope you'll join me here to follow my, and share your own, writing milestones. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. I'm ready. Are you?

Romance is a journey... enjoy the ride.


  1. Hey Tina!

    Happy new blog, it's very pretty. Am visiting for a cup of sugar from my new neighbour. :o)

    You know what? I share your romance writing birthday, I started out at pretty much the exact same time. It's a rollercoaster isn't it!
    Really hoping for good news for you with the upcoming NV announcement, I thought your entry shone.

    Welcome to blogland - get ready to be addicted!


  2. Thanks Joanne!
    You're too sweet... like the sugar you are welcome to borrow anytime! : )
    Happy Birthday to us! Woohoo
    I'm hoping for good news for us BOTH with the upcoming NV announcement.
    Blogland is definitely addictive. I'm gonna have to limit my online time to focus on my manuscript.
    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Tina! Welcome to blogland :)

    I'm just like you - I was reading romance novels long before I was supposed to! Unfortunately I didn't have any relatives to pilfer from (my mum having unfortunately literary tastes), so I needed to borrow them from the library on the sly or buy them, secretly, from the secondhand book shop :)

  4. Thanks Leah!
    LOL on our "secret" reading habits! Wasn't it fun sneaking around, though? : )

  5. Wow you've had a busy year Tina! Congrats on becoming a finalist twice over and completing that manuscript! Did you submit it?

    Happy romance birthday ;)

  6. Hi Lacey! Woohoo! Another friendly face. :)
    As part of being a finalist in one of the contests I got to do an in-person editor pitch and she requested a partial on Oct. 1. I'm polishing those chapters now and have set a deadline for Oct. 26 to mail it off. Eeek!
    Thank you. *passing you a piece of my Mama's white cake with chocolate icing... my favorite!*

  7. Ooo your Mama's white cake with chocolate icing sounds so decadent! It's so exciting that you got a requested partial from an editor pitch - that's no easy feat. Oct 26 is just around the corner :) You can do it!